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If you work for an end-user enterprise company or a government agency and have a senior role in the IT organization, please consider submitting your content.

We aim to give visibility to big ideas and surface significant challenges that your industry peers and IT vendors must hear.

What is the problem?

Very few say and do what is best for the customers.

Tech press is broken. Most trade magazines are filled with content sponsored by IT vendors with an agenda, superficial coverage of industry news regurgitated from press announcements, opinion pieces not supported by real industry experience.

Industry research is broken, too. Most analysts don’t have any meaningful research tool (or time) to investigate the IT vendors, products, and technologies that fall within their area of expertise.
Most analysis firms rely on unverified material provided by IT vendors.

The result is a one-way conversation where end users are not heard, and the real state of the IT industry remains untold.
What we read and hear every day does not expose the real merit of new ideas and doesn’t give any valuable indication on how to succeed in our roles as IT leaders.

What’s in for you?

Increase your visibility and get recognized as a thought leader among your peers by sharing your ideas, experience, and knowledge.

Get your voice heard by IT vendors and influence their product and pricing decisions.

Learn what your peers are thinking and discover that you are not alone in facing the most significant challenges in the history of IT.

Help build a better industry and increase your chances to succeed in your role in the IT organization.

How does it work?

We don’t accept essays or any other content from IT vendors, professional services firms, system integrators and their affiliates.

We vet our contributors to guarantee industry experience and perspective. We strongly prefer senior IT leaders with decision making roles.

We review the submitted content to ensure high-quality standards and filter out promotional attempts.

We don’t judge the ideas, no matter how controversial. We want to enable and facilitate a new kind of conversation where all perspectives have merit.

We maximize the visibility of our contributors and their content through promotion across our network and on social media*., for example, achieves over 250,000 page views per month and more than 11,000 RSS feed readers per day.

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*We also offer anonymity, if necessary. After verifying our contributors’ identity and credentials, we publish their essays only mentioning their job title, the size of their company and the industry sector it operates in, but not their names or their company name.
This option is available on selected circumstances and only for certain kind of essays, allowing contributors to express their views without impacting their relationship with the employer or any IT vendor.